Friday, January 22, 2010

bali bound

i am one week and a half away to the highlight of my year.. even though its' just begun,
not only am i turnint 29 on the 29th, but i'm going to BALI to work and learn with a brother who has been doing the live food artistry since i was a teenager.. so i'm totally stoked, going to sit under an aloe vera plant and suck her juice, chant, dance, sing, get some sun that doesn't come in a bottle drop form.. and love love love it..
this winter has been exceptionally hard trying to stay raw.. i moved from a super supportive network of live food enthusiasts, and my yoga community, and my body and mind are telling me this is a challenging place right now for this spirit in this body..

not only am i going to engage in a learning and growing adventure, but we will be having some devotional focus, so itis like service to my beloved spiritual master.. i wished to go to india this year, but my laksmi deneros just didn't quite cut it.. and i don't want to go to india for three weeks, wouldn't be fair to my kids either because they really want to come..

anywho.. not there yet, but almost..
some of the most interesting monetary arrangments are under way for my arrival..

1. made a huge beautiful box of live food goodies dehydrated to 105 sprouted prior and totally satvic, no onions or garlic,.. mailing to a friend who is a godsister, balanisian woman who lives in Toronto!

2. sold my harmonium i just bought before coming here to nelson three months ago... it is an heirloom that belonged to a famous devotee maybe ifanyone actually reads my blog, which i'm not sure they do but thats' ook.. you may have heard of bhaudauk.. anyways, his daughter contacted me and is buying it, and she lives in the uk..

ok so that coversmy plane ticket..
now for the rest

4. ended up doing some telemarketing for a friend for a website about internships and travelling abroad.. not really telemarketing because we're just getting people to submint blog entries, but it's kind of neat to research about interning and travelling when that's kind of what i'm doing!

5. a little itty bitty bad loan for another couple hundered,

6. it is quite possible i may actually make a few dollars from the month of yoga i've been teaching part itme.. but unsure because i'm still paying off my insurance fees.. but at least i'm insured so you cant' sue me ( not that i thought you would)

7. someone from nelson town who moved to bali, who happened to talk to my friend who i'm staying with wants me to bring to bali some super greens, and is willing to pay me!!that's super cool

so it all comes down to this.. fly or bus to vancouver, then will i be able to get my passport expediated in 24 hrs, get my ticket that will mean going to seattle.. on a bus, stay in vancouver for three days and not spend any money, that will be the challenge, i may need to fast and cleanse hardcore for the next few days..because all the money i have is booked for my trip.. it's going to be a low budget eating wild eddibles trip, just what i need to clear my head of mundane sorrows and stress.. going to wake up at 4 am and do yoga, chanting, and then engage in the live foods seva!!
i still think it's a dream, pinch me..

no it's not a dream!

oh and did i mention i get three weeks off of my darling children who are beginng to drive me to kurmasana and pranayama for stress relief on a more regular basis!!!

praying for all the pieces to fall into place :)

jai sri radhe!

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