Wednesday, June 23, 2010

living shakti

feeling the many blessings around me.. and inside..
went from victoria to nelson to bali to nelson to sunshiine coast to salt spring, and now landed back in victoria, radiating around the cafe bliss family and yoga shala sanctuary..
so greatful for every breath, every step, every opportunity to love and share in creation

the chanting of sacred mantras -the holy names- are keeping my heart centered, i take shelter in this rasa.. amidst the seeming chaos.. with breathe awareness, resonance and union ..

lots of recipies a brewing and classes to teach this summer!

with all that is happening in the world at this very moment, i see no other thing to do than to spread love, raise vibrations and heal .... staying positive through the storms and taking it all in as mercy

All Glories to the divine lotus feet emenating from Goloka Vrindavan and within

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