Monday, December 14, 2009

nomadic ways move my soul, i realize i move every year.. that it is my deep connection to seva and spirit seeking adventure..  now i am settling my darling daughters into waldorf school  here in nelson, what a delightful place, i wish i could go!  and listening to raw mom summit and scheming on how to get to bali asap.. like krishna stealing pots of butter and blaming it on the monkeys.. i am trying to manifest so many things via bhagavan's eternal abundance..

this year has been a journey of healing and looking inside.. sometimes we don't like what we see, and project it onto others.. i realize that it is all a reflection, a mirror of our own consciousness..

so i am trying to teach as much yoga this month as possible in this little sleepy snowy party town.. I've got my sights set on high association and learning, fully embracing the offerings of gurudev.. he is offering me so much i just have to make the surrender and effort happennn... 

so it will be a yogathon of love and devotion this month to help manifest my dreams and find some inner peace and bliss to share with the world.. looking forward to what is in store for me and the girls.. adventure awaits, the snow falls, the dehydrator is humming full of bounty..
the fruit basket is full in the dead of winter, on  one of the darkest nights, and the veggies in the fridge are calling us to juice and drink and honor..   
the super foods are screaming out for joy and the hills are allive with sound of rawsome bhajans..

this holy day season we are not celebrating by giving gifts of consumerism, but the gift of yoga and chanting and remembering the lovely blessings gurudev has given us all to remember...

i will be teaching a free yoga class on christmas day at the shanti studio in support of the local womans shelter, and i couldn't be happier, my daughter is delighted to join me, laksmi andanda the goddess of giving and abundance.. that is her nature, maybe we'll go tobogganing on her birthday two days later.. that would be so lovely of a time to share.. 

many blessings for a sacred solstice and a happy holy days.. may we all remember the spirit of giving back to the world we share

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