Tuesday, November 10, 2009

bali and india bound

i am blessed with an amazing opportunity to serve sri guru and my sadhana..
i have been feeling for a while now that i need a breather from canada and momma life to focus and go inside my studies more.. to really just devote myself to healing and my raw food chef learning extraVEGANza.. so i asked my friend madhava and he invited me to come to bali and help him work on some raw projects, also there is a raw yoga community / teaching center which is like first class and i am totally stoked to be planning a trip to bali in February!!! oh my gosh i'm elated actually, the pictures are incredible, and to have an opportunity to serve my god-brother as he works on setting up a raw ayurvedic chef school would be divine.. i also like that india is so close, i will be working with a  multi level marketing travel company too to make some extra funds as well as teaching yoga, studying yoga (about to take a kids teacher training workshop in vancouver next week) and i'm going to pump out some raw goodies for the local co-op soon soon soon.. i am day dreaming constantly of going, but also have to be present and love my darling daughters and care fro them, as it has been a lot of challenges lately in the home front, attitudes are flaring up and i see how all the changes have affected the little darling kiddies, they miss their dad too, so it will be nice that he is going to come here and spend time with them while i go on my yogi mission, who knows maybe bali is where doors will open to live one day, there are a lot of good opportunities to be with devotees and work with raw foods and yoga scene, just have to stay sincere...

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