Saturday, November 7, 2009

give it to me raw community saves my day

so i've been blogging here for a week now, i know it will take time, iknow not everyone is going to run and comment, and i know no one may be reading, but it sure feels good to spread your thoughts on the keyboard.. 

i started a blog on my give it to me raw account and was amazed that within like two minutes i sparked a converstion and intellectual dialogue about candida busting and raw food living that proved to rock the waves.. 45 comments and some really good advice and direction..

i'm going to pick up the whole body ecology diet book at the co-op as soon as i can get my hands on a few extra bucks.. it is a good book i read it almost front to back, and i crashed out flat after feeling i didn't have enough support, then i shared it with my raw buddies and they all came pouring out answers and warm fuzzies.. 

so here' s a link in case anyone is reading this blog and wants to check er out..

i have been wasting away a lot of hours on line lately and am going to retreat into cleansing yogi cave of wonders only to pop out for some one to give it to me raw.. because that is what i find faith in.. 


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