Monday, November 2, 2009

cleaning inside and out for prana

Here is a picture of my little booth last summer as Omamma live foods, i've decided to change my name to Prana Foods ~ foods for life ~  The moss street market was where this picture is from, my dear friend Mahatma and I were selling raw dehydrated organic vegan crackers and cookies and balls. as you can see it was very grass roots display, and i was really winging it. People loved our offerings and we sold out every week! I'm working on bringing production back to life after a little rejuvenation time i've been taking...and after moving my kids half way across the province, no more than half way.. all the way... Anyways, I talked to a woman today about a great kitchen space! very exciting.. but first an update on other ways of healing taking place in this temple I call Menaka....

today was a blessed day for my cholon, we had a lovley date with warm water, i feel a great deal of clarity already, i think i'll do enemas three times a week it feels so good to clean out that area> Now enema's and cholonics are a bit different, cholonics go a little further.. here's matt monarch's talk about that if you're interested Enemas Vs. Colonics, Episode #196  he is a great inspiration to me on various subjects.. i particularly like how he animates cholon cleansing.. 

and  if you're nervous of the thought, it's really not that bad at all, its great, it's fantastic, best far..

 i'm going to start blogging about my candida cleanse that i will be on for six weeks, gabriel cousisn of tree of life and matt monarch inspired me on this adventure after their phone interview about awakening the kundalini, it really hit home to me that i need to fast for a while.. i'll be eating no fruit, no sugar, no startch., no ferments.. darn i love ferments.. I'll be taking in  lots of greens, alkalizing veggies... green juices, e3live, wheat grass, herbs teas, grapefruit seed extract, chagga mushroom, oil of oregano.. enemas and bentonite clay with pysillium... this is going to be major... probiotics are in order..  i  may be doing some quinoa, sprouted and cooked.. but want to stay as raw as possible.. oh and no caffein, dandelion tea is pretty tasty.. and  nettles...
i tried to start a week ago, but crashed flat into dates and banana's, so i did some research, and have a whole plan and regime in place, with some good support too.. I had no idea how major candida imbalance is and how many sympotms i have that all point to candida overgrowth, the key here is finding a balance so i don't eat a whole tray of raw chocolate and a whole bowl of dates.. i would like to see my mind get a bit more clear, and my skin to feel a lot more glowy too, so those are some of the rewards, what to speak of a sparkling immune system and digestive tract... 

so here we go, embarking on a clean the temple inside out adventure, 

i'll be one busy yogi while i'm doing this major cleanse, re- starting my raw food business Prana Food.. and looking to teach yoga here in the koots, oh and there is that blessing of taking care of my darling goddesses.. so busy so full of life, got to pace myself  and get out to those hot springs!

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