Friday, November 6, 2009
this video is soooo cute and funny, my kids keep asking me to watch it over and over and over again..

so i stayed up really late last night, after cholon cleansing i seem to have some energy and desire to study and research cleansing more in depth.. anywho i was reasearching about travellin in india and eating raw.. most of the information is really skeptical becasue of the pollution and toxins and bad bacteria living inside the produce which were fed by poor water conditions.. 
but however, bombay is apparently one of the best places to go to eat raw, and i have read that gabriel cousins says there are sadhus in the himilayas that are eating raw and have for long times.. something to consider if i go to mysore in february.. i will go for the coconuts like crazy for sure.. 

got up early today refreshed, amidst my late night, drank water, and did my primary series practice,  then followed it with some E3Live for breakfast after pranayama, laksmi joined in the yoga practice with me.. primary series  is so invigorating but i also am becoming more and more of my strengths and weaknesses.. trying to find a balance on the left and right so i read the patanjali yoga sutras and light on life by iyengar.. which always puts things into perspective, i opened up the sutras to a text talking about the importance of repetition.. i firmly believe this, even though i do the same practice every day it is never the same, and always expanding, grounding, and uplifting to have that regulation, just like chanting, just like living foods lifestyle.. once you find something that works for you it works!!

i then ventured off to shanti yoga studio, the much talked about yoga studio in town, which didn't quite appeal to me at first when i took a class there months ago while visiting.. mostly because i teach and practice a very specific style of yoga and it isn't even a style, it is traditional.. anyways.. i spoke to the owner for almost an hour and a half, about yoga, life, teaching, seva, running a studio, different aspects, styles etc.. it was kind of intimidating, she's really into anasura yoga, which is interesting but not my path.. and she pointed out that her teachers are all veterans.. and that new teachers are not that high on the list.. she was kind enough though to offer me to teach a mock class next week sometime and she would assess my ability to teach,, ahhh so nervous now.. someone who's been a yoga teacher/practitioner for 25 years.. yikes.. intimidating, but hey you got rolll with it and have faith in yourself so i agreed.. also i was pretty bumbed out that she can't have kids yoga in her studio because of her windows..??? which was really strange.. so i'm going to have to find another space to teach in.. which is good in the long run because i can focus on ashtanga and primary series more, and also kids.. but that could take a lot of time.. so i'm going to keep on going with the raw food busines. and just make as much food as possible, buy as many supplies as possible and go into the raw!
that could take time too, things move really slow in the kootneys...

then i came home, had some pre-soaked bentonite clay which is doing majikal things to my body right now.. and  had a salad, and oh gosh i succumed to eating a raw mango bliss ball.. oh gosh, dats, and mango and peaches are a no no on the candida cleanse, i feel drunk from alcohol now, but maybe it's the clay.. not sure.. got to get regulated that's all iknow... candida is a hard thing to balance, especially when you help in a restaurant that is loaded with cooked this and that and sweets, so the raw sweet i made for them to try out, i brough some home for my kiddies, but then oops i had some.. 
like micheal franti says, its' never too late to start your day over..

There is a yogathon happening about an hour and a half out of town at the Yasodhara ashram on sunday, i don't have a car, so i will ask all my friends with cars if they want to go.. but i probably won't be able to make it.. it looks like an  amazing day.. it's a fundraiser for kids in uganda to get an eco-birthing center (where hiv infection rate from mom to child is like really scarry high) and then they are building a farm and a  school, and helping kids do yoga, which is great..

here's the awesome organization if you want to read more : 
the event is called Off teh Matt and Into the World..

blessings are all around us.. 

my daughters came home for lunch today and said no to pizza after reading some green for life inspiring stories from Victoria Boutenko and her experience as a kid eating raw food and being in public school, she has a really good story about how she told the kids at pizza day why she wasn't eating what they were, the fact that the wheat is made of gmo flour where workers had to wear gas masks, the cheese is like seven years old, and the tomatoes are genetically modified and died red with spray and picked green, that was enough for my kids to say mom can we come home for lunch, and i told them i didn't have money for it, so it worked out.. they  had some cooked food from the krishna restaurant as a treat.. and raw bliss balls.. with salad, they're coming around .. oh gosh i wish i had it in me to home-school, or a million bucks to take them away from public school and into a better alternative, but we just have to deal with what god gave us right now and make the best of it.. which it could be a lot worse, we could be trying to build a school in uganda and have aids.. 

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