Sunday, November 1, 2009

times are a changin

here we are, another halloween come and gone, it was a fun event, filled with lanterns, and costumes, mountains, story telling at the stone circle, photos were not taken, it was an in the moment evening, we had a pretty witch a god fairy, a pirate and a full moon to guide the way..

i woke up this morning not knowing that the time changed, i woke up feeling very tired, but didn't realize i actually gained an our in the day, how interesting, now it is like four thirty and getting dark, how interesting this winter will be.. i think we'll be going to the pool and sauna a lot to keep the fire alive, and to keep the light inside.. 

so i'm looking at raw recipies, what to offer to the nelson comunity, i'm thinking simple, crackers and nori sticks to start, snacks, sweets to come later, i mean sweets are so well over rated, i'm doing a candida cleanse and i am comitted to two months of no more sugars.. no fruit, no sweets or starch, little cooked grains, like quinoa amaranth, maybe some warming soups, it will be challenging to say the least, but witha  littlel lE3 live, and some herbs i think i'm good to go.. 

I hope the candida busting will help bring some added clarity to my life, and a fixed determination to go to spain and india this coming february. For ten years i've dreamed of india and it is now manifesting before my eyes, the doors are opening, i just have to work hard and stay really clear and focused.

so the times are a changing, this momma is going to take a well deserved break, dad will enter stage left and i'll become a nomad yogi for a couple months, following my dreams .. and hoping to bring the kids along soon after.. One month in the Mysore yoga shala will do this mind and body some good, and i can offer all i learn to all my students, it is going to be very wonderful for my soul, i need this nourishment, as do my kids.. 

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