Tuesday, November 3, 2009

day one of raw candida cleanse

woke up a little light today, must have been that amazing enema experience last night, i felt so light, rejuvenated, and ready to salute the sunshine with bliss..

so today was inspiring, i actually suppressed all cravings for sweets.. I had E3Live for breakfast, and E3Live for snack,  a tall glass of  greener grasses shortly after, -organic high grade organic wheat grass, barley grass, and alfalfa grass... super good stuff.. - it all fueled me to ride my bike in the brisk sunshine and head off to the local Kootney Co-op to talk to the hiring manager. Turns out they all love raw food, and don't have a supplier for their deli! HELLO RAW FOOD GODDESS SUPPLIER HERE I COME!! she was very enthusiastic about my offerings, and especially the potential to do raw pies, cakes and cookies, funny i'm not eating any sweets at the moment, and little nuts> But maybe that is where my inspirational outlet of creativity can pour into.. not eating them, but making them!

next was off to Jaganath's kitchen where i help out in the restaurant once a week, it is a nice atmosphere, krishna conscious family, in need of a little help and tlc, they serve almost all cooked food that i don't desire to eat or serve, but it is nice that they are offering it to krishna and trying to buy organic where possible. Also the woman in charge likes it if i make some raw sweets for the sweet display, which i am not that enthusiastic about all the mouth watering sweet cakes, cookies, and ladhus, which i know are not the highest food i'd like to be offering.. so it was fun to make raw mango coconut bliss balls and see them fly off the plate, everyone loved them.. because raw food is so tasty people just adore the delectables.. even if they don't 'like' raw food, or understand the life changing benefits to a live food lifestyle..

so there i was making raw sweets and not able to eat them, that was my first test.. then i went home and had the nicest yummiest fennel salad with lemon juice and tomato and avocado..

took the girls to town and we went back to the jaganaths restaurant, because they just love to eat there, big treat for them.. and then i sat there drinking water,, and off we were to the sauna and pool! oh the sauna is a great agent for cleansing too.. very complementary, may have to do the sauna more often..

and upon returning home my tummy grumbled and i drank some herbal tea, and made a delicious sprouted sunflower ginger pate and spread it all over nori sheets and made some yummy nori wraps, one of my favorite things.. take a nori sheet some nice salad, any veggies really, kale works, sprouts work, avocado, tomato cucumber, i like radishes in mine, if you want to get real fancy throw in some cayenne pepper... and for desert.. ah yes there has to be some sort of desert.. aloe vera juice and i just couldn't help but take a little coconut butter, by the spoonful, this is proving to be my craving quencher! 

and now i feel amazing, another 100% raw day.. 
the highlight was watching my kids moan and groan for more raw coconut butter, they also loved the raw bliss balls, they're coming around slowly, it's hard to get them off of some of their favorite comfort foods like subji and dhal.. but i think they're pretty stellar kids.. they just love my flax crackers too, i can't get them to stop eating them! so we made more tonight, and i threw in some psyllium fruit leather.. more blogging about our yummy lunches tomorrow..!

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