Thursday, November 5, 2009

in the raw

day three of candida busting and balancing

oh it was a good day yesterday, somuch more energy now that i'm past the first day or two.. did primary series with ease, E3Live has kept me rolling along, and the flax crackers with chia.. oohhh yummm.. and i think i over ate coocnut butter, i must have had a quarter cup that stuff is so good, now i'm going to cut back on oils because there is a lot of evidence that high oil intake feeds these sugar bugs too, thank god for stevia.. 

i had the most interesting conversation in the health food store yesterday, so many of us were talking about candida, i think it's a post halloween topic too,

so today i breathe in light and let go of cravings for sugar, it is really chili out, and i think brisk walks in the cold air are going to help me through this.. i was referring to the whole body ecology book and it is a very interesting book i recommend it for anyone interested in balancing the flora and ecology in their temple.. it says that to balance out candida can actually take up to a year!!! I'm going to go for three  months and see how I do.. in the mean time making lots of raw sweets to sell, how bizarre!

I'm not decided on weather i should go to india, and or spain, or take this course.. it looks amazing, i think i will take the course no matter what other choice i make, because i want to become more trained and educated in working with kids and facilitating yoga with kids and  families..

i hope today will bring joy and peace 

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